Vision & Mission



"To become the leading producer of electricity from renewable energy, including the manufacturer and provider of equipment for energy system and energy saving products that meet the customers’ needs and satisfaction and concurrently maximize stakeholders’ return”



Our mission serves as our objectives and guidelines that lead our decisions and actions.
  1. Renewable Energy : Do business on renewable energy power plants in efficiency standards with focusing on social and environmental.
  2. Sales : Provide equipment for power systems including energy saving products and channel of distribution, and also full-option services that meet the customers’ needs.
  3. Technology : Develop manufacturing techniques and adopt new production technology to improve productivity and reduce production costs Increase capability and adopt Information technology to respond promptly to fast moving business environment.
  4. Return : Maximize shareholders’ and stakeholders’ value and profitability.
  5. Personal: Increase employees’ capability to enhance the Company’s competitiveness on a global scale and retain talent employees.
  6. Management Framework : Create a strong management framework based on principles of good corporate governance.