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The profitable performance of the electricity utilities or factories is not only resulted from the revenue electricity charges but also the saving cost from a better knowledge of maintenance. Recently, there are many criteria factors to indicate the good performance of the utility that mainly applied in this topic are SAIFI ( The System Average Interruption Frequency Index ) and SAIDI ( The System Average Interruption Duration Index ) which is also called Reliability Index. There will be three major maintenance categories which are improvement maintenance, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance which will be applied for different equipment and various time schedules.

The move toward an exemplary Industry-driven stewardship of SF6 gas in the power industry is a major concern to the Industry internationally, especially as greenhouse gas issues have rapidly elevated in public awareness over the past year, throughout the world it would be true to state that there is presently very great interest in improved practices with regard to routine SF6 testing, SF6 gas handling. The international standards have now published the guide advocates the improved management of gas all phases of switchgear management from SF6 gas handling (including containment of lost gas from leakage, lost gas during maintenance and testing, and reclamation.), commissioning, testing, maintenance, and decommissioning. Our maintenance equipment is world class for handling the SF6 gas which widely used in the High Voltage and Medium Gas Insulated Switchgear in the substation and medium voltage SF6 gas Remote Controlled Switch installed at the poles.

The other insulated liquid popular used in the Power transformer ranging from 230 kV down to 12 kV distribution system are also need to have schedule maintenance, every time of switching or contacts moving can cause a lot of small particles or impurities by product, this will then deteriorates the liquid or oil insulation property. Our excellent oil purifier set can support and make it easy for the maintenance team to convince their successful oil purification tasks.

Some improvement overhead line construction should be considered when doing maintenance works such as install some spare lines for emergency, then the stringing equipment will be very helpful which we are interested to be one of reputable suppliers. In addition, we also care when some high or medium voltage insulators may crack by the flash over or by workmanship, the international quality silicone or compound will be served to wide range of application both supply basis and turnkey basis.


The equipment shall have successfully passed all the type tests or design tests in accordance with the Thai Industry Standards and the following international standards:

  • ASTM D 4652-87, March 1987: Silicone fluid used for electrical insulation
  • IEC 60156:1995: Determination of the breakdown voltage at power frequency - Test method
  • IEC 60296 ed3.0: Fluids for electrotechnical applications - Unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear
  • IEC 60694 standard for common specifications for SF6 (including SF6 gas handling) will be updated ( to IEC62271-1)
  • VDE 0370/12.78: Insulating liquids
  • BS 148/1972: Specification for unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear
  • Cigre guide 234 (SF6 Recycling Guide 2003) and 276 (SF6 handling guide 2005)

All the products shall be completely passed the routine test before delivery to the local and oversea customers.


  • HV Sylgard
  • Oil Purifying Plant
  • SF6 Gas Handling Devices (Evacuating and refilling device, SF6 Volume percentage measuring device, Electronic moisture measuring device, Measuring device for different decomposition products and gas residues, Gas leak detector, Dew point instrument, SF6-Multimeter, Mobile vacuum pump unit, SF6-gas service cart, SF6-gas service cart, Discharge gas collection unit)
  • Stringing Equipments