Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “GUNKUL”), concentrates in reporting the advancement and operations performance which is relevant both directly and indirectly to all groups of stakeholders through the Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability Report which was presented on a yearly basis.

The Company strives to well manage the CSR together with its business operations in order to become “Thailand’s leading manufacturer and provider of equipment for electrical systems and energy saving products that meet and satisfy customers’ needs and concurrently maximize stakeholders’ return”. Moreover, the Company is strongly confident that the success in business operations does not derive only from management and human resources development, but along with the appropriate equilibrium in 3 dimensions of CSR which consist of economic, social and environment under the good corporate governance in order to reach the sustainable business operations as well as create a well-being society to Thailand. GUNKUL’s CSR policies and sustainable development are as follows:

Smart Energy in Action Smart People Energy Business Action Social.

Human resources development:
for becoming “Smart People” to enhance career advancement based on professional ethics and caring for environmental safety, sharing work system with skill training and on the job learning so that all employees will be of expected qualification in response to well-balanced stakeholders’ demand with happy living in the society at large.
Business development:
with innovation of alternative power the “Energy Business” is quality products based on good governance to top up existing electrical equipment by alternative energy production from solar and wind energy to enhance environment friendly approaches and trust among stakeholders with required quality and safety standards and reduction of environmental impacts.
Social and community responsibility by “Action Social”:
this is to create good relationship and inter-dependency as being “good neighbor” with the surrounding community while enhancing people participation to follow up any possible apportion impacts toward environment conditions. The Company also focusses on knowledges and experiences sharing among relevant persons and agencies to promote appropriate localized development.

According the Company has communicated this policy to all employees so that they shall strictly follow this rule under supervision of the Executive Committee.